Nishiko & Joubin Zargarbashi - Vanishing Points

Opening : Saturday 18 February 15:00 - 19:00

Exhibition : 19 February - 05 March, 2023
Exhibition open : Saturday and Sunday 13:00 - 17:00

Address : Ringdijk 4, 1097AA Amsterdam

We would like to cordially invite you to the exhibition of Nishiko & Joubin Zargarbashi - Vanishing Points

ps. K_o_t_ kicks off 2023 with a duo exhibition by Nishiko and Joubin Zargarbashi. The work of both artists starts from the natural force of the ocean.

   Nishiko presents an installation as part of her 'Repairing Earthquake Project' (2011-). This project handles the catastrophic earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Eastern Japan in 2011. The installation in ps. K_o_t_ follows the journey of a plastic green tea bottle, which was found on the Canadian coast after a trip across the Pacific Ocean and the subsequent attempt to 'repair' the bottle.

   In the series of works 'On the edge of the miraculous', Joubin Zargarbashi investigates forms of physical and mental transition to the unknown. This miraculous  unknown is not in the point of departure or arrival, but is somewhere in between. The starting point for his research is Bas Jan Ader's last work, his epic journey across the Atlantic Ocean.