AMS - TOK / EXPORT > IMPORT was published on the occasion of the exchange project and exhibition with the same title. The publication is a collection of documents that build up towards the finishing of the project. The book contains the e-mail communication between the artists as well as a photo documentation of the build up of the exhibitions translated to a flip-book.

- flip-book
- 130 mm x 95 mm
- 164 pages
- edition of 50
- printing : Ruparo, Amsterdam
- binding : Agia, Amsterdam
- screen print : Aga Lab, Amsterdam

This project is made possible by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Japan.



All the things you could be by now (Square Dance Revolution) - Maarten Schuurman

October 22 - October 30

On the occasion of the exhibition Bruce Nauman held at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam ps. K_o_t_ presents All the things you could be by now (Square Dance Revolution). In line with the series of performances and experiments done by Bruce Nauman in his studio ps. K_o_t_ moves out of office and into the studio of Maarten Schuurman in the center of Amsterdam.

All the things you could be by now (Square Dance Revolution) explores the reenactment of a performance. In order to reenact Bruce Nauman's 1967 Square Dance (Dance or Exercise on the Perimeter of a Square) Schuurman translated Nauman's movements to machine code and built an arcade machine to conduct his movements. The machine conducts and monitors the operator, step-by-step, move-by-move.

During two weekends in October Maarten Schuurman will reenact the square dance in his studio. The performance can be attended by appointment only. Please check RSVP for times and dates.

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Export / Import

The White - Osamu Sakuma (RONDADE) / Ikuhisa Sawada / Hiroyuki Arikawa (Workshop tm)

August 13 - September 5

In the past year, the freedom of movement of all people has been drastically curtailed by the corona virus. Unlike people, works of art are not restricted in their movement. We should therefore not restrict them because we cannot travel ourselves.

This exhibition is a collaborative project of the artists Ikuhisa Sawada, Osamu Sakuma and Hiroyuki Arikawa of Alternative Space The White in Tokyo (JP) with the Dutch artists Maarten Schuurman and Esther Brakenhoff. Together they explore the possibilities for developing and presenting long-distance work in pandemic times.

Works have been made in both Amsterdam and Tokyo that thematizes distance, communication and mobility. These works were then sent in a specially made container to the other location by means of freight post without courier/artist. The works are accompanied by an installation manual that can be interpreted flexibly by the receiving artists. The works thus move autonomously beyond the intentions and preferences of the initial maker. The installation and de-installation of the works is documented and translated in a joint publication.

[The White website]

This project is made possible by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Japan.


Osamu Sakuma established Rondade to return to his initial impulse of creation to realize various forms and methods that are not bound by existing frameworks. He has published art books and photo collections, including Motohiro Tomii : Interact, Go Itami : photo- copy, Buku Akiyama : Composition No.1-10 and the deri- vatives, 2001-2016, etc., and Ikuhisa Sawada : substance.


Ikuhisa Sawada is born and based in Tokyo, Japan. He is founder of Alternative Space The White. In his practice as a photographer he presents his work as spatial installations, shifting between different dimensions.


Hiroyuki Arikawa was born in Tokyo. He started to make an appliance for his own apparel brand's exhibitions and has been working on appliance production and space composition since 2017. In 2020, he had started produ- cing and exhibiting artworks. In 2021, He had visual artwork for New Balance's apparel line "TOKYO DESIGN STUDIOā€¯ https://www.instagram.com/workshop__tm/

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